Nowruz is an amazing holiday, it’s time to nature renew and at the same time a great opportunity to go somewhere on vacation. Spring in our country begins in February and every city is carefully preparing for the meeting of Nowruz.

Preparation for the holiday begins in advance. The national delicacy Sumalyak is prepared for Nowruz,  usually by women who are replacing each other, because the dish is prepared throughout the day and it must be stirred regularly in a large cauldron. Cooking sumalak is a very fun and big event, at this time the people sing national songs, dance, tell each other local folklore.

Various national festivals, competitions, contests are held on Navruz. During this period, you can see oriental fairs, where street circus artists, musicians, dancers and folk storytellers perform.
On this holiday, it is customary to visit squares, participate in folk festivals, visit each other and treat them to spring dishes. And it’s not just sumalak. It is also customary to cook dishes such as halim, tugrama-pilaf, green somsa, lamb dishes, shurpa, various sweets and pastries on Nowruz.

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