A round table was held at the Embassy of Uzbekistan in South Korea with representatives of the Tourism Promotion Organization for the cities of the Asia-Pacific region (TPO), Dunyo correspondent reports.

TPO is an international organization established in 2002 to promote the exchange and development of the tourism industry between major cities in the Asia-Pacific region.

During the meeting, Secretary General of TPO Wu Kyung Ha highly appreciated the ongoing reforms in the tourism sector in Uzbekistan and the conditions created to attract the flow of tourists. He expressed great interest in the cities of Uzbekistan, emphasizing their historical character and the uniqueness of culture.

The head of the TPO showed particular interest in Samarkand, noting the huge tourism potential of the city, given that the 25th session of the General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) will be held in 2023 in this city. In this regard, he asked for assistance in establishing contact with the leadership of Samarkand to strengthen intercity ties and intensify its activities within the framework of membership in TPO.

Wu Kyung Ha highlighted the fact that 41 cities in the Republic of Korea are members of the TPO, which facilitates the dissemination of information through a well-established network between cities. In turn, the mayor’s office of each South Korean city has a connection with the main travel agencies, which will help attract Korean tourists to the cities of Uzbekistan.

Following the round table, Ambassador of Uzbekistan Vitaly Feng and TPO Secretary General Wu Kyung Ha signed a memorandum of understanding to start close and mutually beneficial cooperation between the Embassy and TPO.