Mausoleum of Yunus-KhanThe Timurid era presented Uzbekistan a variety of unique cultural and architectural monuments. One of them is the Mausoleum of Yunus-Khan the Moghulistan in Tashkent, a most singular monument of the Timurid era. The building is located next to the Mausoleum of Sheikh Havendi at-Takhur and is included into Sheyhantaur architectural complex. The Mausoleum is a part of the Islamic University complex.

The Mausoleum of Yunus-Khan was built in the XV century and in an unusual style for Uzbekistan – khanaka. Usually constructions built as khanaka-shape are associated with dervishes and Sufi Muslim cult. Large two-storey Mausoleum amazes not only with its size but also with architectural features for example the colonnade on the elevation of the building (revak).