The main function of the Tashkent TV tower is radio and television broadcasting. The broadcasting center has been operating for over 20 years, it is also the largest in Central Asia. The center is equipped with modern telecommunication and production equipment from leading manufacturing companies around the world, more than a hundred skilled workers provide round-the-clock television and radio broadcasting in Tashkent, Tashkent and Syrdarya regions and part of Kazakhstan.

However, the Tashkent TV tower is not only a television and radio broadcasting center, it is equipped with a special observation deck located at an altitude of 94 m, from where the best panorama of Tashkent opens, and the whole city is visible at a glance. You can get to the circular observation deck by taking one of the three high-speed elevators. In addition, you can visit the revolving restaurant “Koinot”, the red hall of which is located at an altitude of 104 m and specializes in European cuisine, and the blue hall, at an altitude of 98 m, offers visitors oriental dishes.

The floor – the platform in both halls of the restaurant rotates, making a full revolution in an hour, so that visitors (up to 120 people in two halls) can not only have a delicious dinner, but also admire the full circular panorama of the capital.