Kukeldash Madrasah is the largest madrasah and one of the most famous historical monuments in Tashkent. It is not difficult to find it, it is located in the historical heart of the city – in the area of ​​Chorsu Square and Tashkent Registan. In the 9th and 10th centuries, it was here that the Kesh fortress gate was located, one of the three city gates. The central architectural ensemble – Registan was in every major city. The buildings that make up such an ensemble are distinguished by exquisite architecture, monumentality, original design and unusual decoration. Tashkent Registan is no exception, it is enough to take a closer look at the Kukeldash madrasah.

Kukeldash Madrasah was built in the XVI century (1570) during the reign of the Shaybanid dynasty by the vizier close to Tashkent sultans Barak-Khan and Darwish Khan. The Vizier was nicknamed “kukeltash” (‘Kukeldash’), which means “foster-brother of Khan”.