Barak-Khan Madrasah. Uzbekistan, TashkentA walk around the Old Town in Tashkent is a bit like traveling back in time – labyrinths of narrow streets, low buildings, famous mosques and madrassas. But if you really want to dive into the past, look in the Khast Imam Square in Zarqaynar Street to the east of Chor-Su bazaar. Here is the famous Barak-Khan Madrasah.Barak-Khan Madrasah was built in the XVI century by order of the governor of Tashkent, Nauruz Ahmad- Khan a grandson of Mirzo Ulugbek. The governed considered Nauruz Ahmad-Khan ruler accompanied by good luck, that is why they nicknamed him “Barak-Khan” or “Lucky ruler.” Since then madrasah is called by the nickname of its founder. Construction of madrasah was built in several stages and was completed in 1532. The building Barak-Khan Madrasah was erected in front of Mahalla Hastimom, considered the center of scientists, philosophers and scholars of Islam. For more than five centuries, Barak-Khan Madrasah symbolizes the greatness of the city’s history. Until 2007 it housed the Spiritual Administration of Muslims of Central Asia.