The old bazaar Eski Juva (‘old tower’), better known as Chorsu (‘four courses’ also spelled Chor-Su), is located in Tashkent Old City at a crossroads of four roads. It features an abundance of colorful and exotic merchandise, and, though thoroughly restored and renovated, the fascinating aura of old-time Asia and folklore all year round. It is one of the oldest Central Asian bazaars; it was known as far back as the Middle Ages as an important Silk Road destination. Just imagine yourself walking about this bazaar a few centuries ago – past merchants, packed camels, artisans, their shops, shoppers… It is almost the same today.Chorsu Bazaar is located next to historic buildings dating from the 16th – 18th centuries, which is its another attractive feature. The buildings are Kukeldash Madrasah, Khodja Akhrar Madrasah (also spelled Khoja Akhrar, Khoja Ahrar, Hoja Ahror, Xoja Ahror, Haji Ahrar) and the Friday communal prayer mosque Juma (‘Friday’ also spelled Djuma, Djami, Jami)